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Crossing the Atchafalaya Basin

"The term Atchafalaya comes from the Choctaw word hacha falaia, meaning Long River. The Native American tribe originated from the modern Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana and Alabama lands."

Park Rules, Policies, Procedures & Stuff to Know!

Your reservation booking is done so with the understanding that these instructions for your stay will be followed in order to provide the safest, most enjoyable experience for you and for all campers during your time in Cajun Country RV Park.  Noncompliance is grounds for immediate termination of your reservation and departure from the property, without refund.  Please contact us to discuss any special accommodations you may be requesting from park management, or to answer your  questions - in advance of an issue arising.

Hours, Quiet Time & Hosting Visitors

Check in: 2pm until dark
Check out: 11am
  • Quiet hours are from 9pm to 7am. 
  • Guests of the park are limited to 2 visitors during 9am-9pm, and these visitors are asked to be out of the park by 9pm. 
  • Park guests are responsible (financially and otherwise) for the conduct of those visitors while they are on the property, and should review park rules with their guests in advance to ensure compliance. 
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring their personal pets into the park while visiting our guests.

(Please contact park management in advance, if requesting any exceptions to the above.)

Trash/Garbage Disposal

5 Trash Cans provided near the Laundry House
  • Garbage should be bagged and placed in one of the park’s 5 garbage cans. 
  • Pet waste should be DOUBLE bagged before disposal.  (ex: the pet refuse bag tied off and then placed in your larger household garbage bag)
  • Fish heads/guts are biodegradable and should be tossed into the river to feed the abundant wildlife, not put into the trash cans. Do not burn cardboard/paper in the fire pit as a method of disposal. Trash collection days are Wednesday and Saturday. 

***If you notice that they missed a scheduled collection day or the trash is overflowing, please notify park management to gently 'remind' them to come and collect our garbage (substitute drivers, broken trucks, etc. may disrupt service).

Children are welcome!

Please don't let your kiddos run wild at the park
  • Please respect the privacy and peace and quiet of your fellow guests. 
  • Monitor your children please. This is for their safety and maintenance of park. 
  • Do not allow them to throw our bank rocks into the river or at the wildlife, please. 
  • Park guests are responsible (financially and otherwise) for any damage caused by any children they host in the park under their reservation, whether as their own children or if the child is a daytime visitor of the park guest.

Atchafalaya River's Hazards

We share this space with Mother Nature - Stay Safe!
  • Be aware that the river is 1500’ wide, and up to 80’ deep in places. The current can run in excess of 3 knots. No one should attempt to walk on the rocks on the edge of the river, and no one should swim here. 
  • No UNSUPERVISED children are allowed on the River Side of the road. Children and parents are recommended to wear Coast Guard approved flotation devices while near the river. 
  • Remember Mother Nature and all her creatures are also potential park guests we will encounter on occasion, including snakes and alligators. (We also have bull sharks and stingrays in the river!) Please do not approach or antagonize the wildlife. 
  • The personal safety of any guests/children on the grounds is at the guest's own risk, and is not the responsibility of park owners.

Our Best Attraction - the Fishing Dock!

RV Park Guests are welcome to enjoy the fishing dock we have on the property!

Angling for Food & Fun:

  • Louisiana requires a fishing license to fish on the Atchafalaya River, even on private property. It is the guest's responsibility to be and remain in compliance. 
  • Fishing is for personal use of the catch ONLY. Guests are NOT permitted to sell their catch, gift their catch to friends, or transfer their catch to friends for resale. (Yes, this has come up!) 
  • Our park guests are, however, encouraged to fish for their own pleasure with catch and release, or for their own personal food enjoyment as much as they would like!
  • We've seen a lot of food come in at the dock - crab, shrimp, crawfish, all manner of fish, monster catfish, sharks, stingrays, etc.  Our campers are known to have occasional communal crawfish boil and fish fry meals together.

Pets deserve a vacation too

Any pets outside of your RV must be on a leash at all times
  • Pets should not be tethered outside on a line without owner supervision. 
  • PET FEE is set at $1/day per pet, regardless of length of stay. 
  • Maximum of 2 small or 1 large pet per pad space is allowed. No additional pets of your friends & guests are allowed on the property during visits. If guests acquire a new pet during their stay, they must immediately notify park management.
  • No pets with a history of aggressive behavior allowed. 
  • DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS WANDER THE PARK LOOSELY or you will be asked to leave with no refund given. Please do not let your dog bark uncontrollably, and please pick up after them. Owners will be fined if they do not pick up after their pets. 

RV Roommates? 

Pad fees include UP TO 2 adults and UP TO 2 children per pad.
  • Additional persons beyond 2 adults (age 15+) and 2 children (age 0-14) will incur a per person fee; this should be addressed at the time of your booking.
  • New addition of persons to your reservation during your stay, above the 2/2 policy listed above, must be reported to park management and additional per person fees paid in order to continue your stay in the park.

Care of the RV Park and Grounds

Let's keep the park functioning and beautiful
  • Please no car, boat or RV washing. It creates a muddy mess for you and your fellow campers and adds to our water bills. This is not allowed. 
  • Please don’t drive stakes or spikes into the ground, as our electrical and plumbing services are down there. 
  • Please do not nail/screw anything to the trees in the park.   

Care of the Laundry House & Restroom

Please clean up after yourself
  • Cleaning supplies are provided in the laundry house for guest use. 
  • Please throw away all trash & your dryer lint in the trash can after every use of the machines.
  • Sweep the floor as needed. 
  • Empty and change the trash bag as needed. 

Reservation Changes & Release Policy

All final changes should be made 24 hrs prior to checkin
  • All final changes to site reservations should be made 24 hours in advance of arrival date 11am check in. 
  • Reservations may be changed to different dates (within the boundaries of the cancellation policy) but must be used within 90 days. 
  • If not checked-in by 11am on the 2nd day of your reservation, and park management has not been updated on your plans, the hold on your pad site will be subject to release/cancellation and no refund issued. (Be sure to communicate with us to avoid this!)

Cancellation Policy

Pad sites are not available to hold with a deposit; Bookings are first-come, first-served.
  • >10 days before your reservation starts = 100% refunded 
  • 4-10 days before your reservation starts = 50% refunded 
  • 0-3 days before your reservation starts = No refund 
  • Early Checkout = No refund for unused days on any length stay (including monthly reservations) 
  • CCRV Park is not responsible for changes in employment/job status, or for unexpected life changes for our guests.   
  • CCRV Park is not responsible for weather conditions. In the event of severe inclement weather that necessitates a mandatory full-park closure, camp credit will be given to be used on a future stay. 
  • In the event of freezing temperatures, guests are responsible for protecting their RV and leaving water on a drip. Any damage to park infrastructure due to guest negligence will be billed to the guest.   
  • Any cancellation for any reason will incur an administration fee to process a refund.  Please contact us in writing via email or text, then follow up with a phone call, regarding any cancellations.   
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for refunds to be processed. Refunds will be electronically applied back to the original method of payment.

Leave it as good as you found it

Penalty fees for late departure/messy pad space left behind
  • Late check out = charged one night reservation fee 
  • Site left unclean or damaged = minimum of $50 (INCLUDING loose pet excrement left on property) 
  • Cooking/grill fires or fire pit still burning/hot coals = $75; after use, all fires must be completely out and ashes cold before your departure.  Do not over-fill fire pit and then leave unattended during the night while still burning. Please be responsible with fire pit use. All fires and outdoor cooking must be continually supervised.  Any park damage incurred from guest fires will be billed to guest.

Vehicle Rules

You must have immediate access to a vehicle that can tow your RV at all times, in order to vacate the property immediately if/when needed.
  • Do not take up more than the length of your pad (back of your RV stays over the gravel, does not go over the grass).  
  • Pad rental includes accommodation for ONE personal vehicle of any type in addition to the RV itself (whether auto, motorcycle, truck, roommate/significant other's vehicle, golf cart, or small boat on a trailer).  
  • Parking for a 2nd personal vehicle depends on several factors, including the size and shape of your pad space, size of your RV, and placement of your RV on the pad.  
  • There is some limited overflow parking space at the laundry house for up to 2-3 vehicles, IF they are parked tightly next to each other.  This is the only spare parking we have.  
  • No guests should have more than 2 personal vehicles on site at any time, or else fellow guests will not be allowed their share of parking.  
  • We do not have adequate spare parking for your personal guests.  
  • At no time is it acceptable to block the drive for others, park on the grass, park on or block an empty pad space, block the entrance or park in the driveway of the house/property next door, or park near the trash cans (blocking trash collection with the trash truck/motorized arm).  

Complimentary WiFi

WiFi is provided as a courtesy to our guests.
  • WiFi is provided as a courtesy, and we are limited to available service provided. Our Internet speed is the strongest that AT&T says it can be.  The signal is weaker as you move further away from the router, which is located in the laundry house.   Uninterrupted WiFi service is not guaranteed by the park.
  • Please do not stream movies/games/tv or it will reduce the speed for everyone else staying in the park. (This is especially important on days we are hosting most pads at capacity, or rainy days when guests are home from work & staying indoors.) 
  • Important business (reporting for your job, taking an online school exam, etc.) may need faster speed Internet which you may need to source off site if our park is unable to accommodate that need.
  • Please report any WiFi outages to park management.

Relaxation is key!

Be considerate of peaceful enjoyment of others in the park.
  • This is a quiet place, with personal relaxation in mind. Most park guests are here for work, many work through the weekends and/or work odd hours, and would not appreciate losing sleep due to noise complaints. If you are coming to party, please go to a different park. 
  • CCRV park management reserves the right to refuse entry or evict anyone who has shown a disregard for the park rules, WITHOUT REFUND. 
  • Guests and their visitors agree to use the park and its facilities at their own risk. The manager or owner is not responsible for any damages, injury, or loss to persons, pets or property.

Long Term Guest's Possessions

Temporary stays with possessions out of sight
  • If you have an abundance of items that will not fit inside your RV, please consider renting a storage container off-premises. The park is meant to be temporary stays at this time (6 mo. or less), not permanent residency.
  • No external sheds allowed; no fencing of any kind allowed; no accumulation of personal belongings under and around your RV is allowed without park approval
  • OK items: lawn furniture/gas grills, bicycles, houseplants, etc. are fine.  
  • Unsightly items: storage tubs, work equipment/supplies, and large collections of random household items or commercial fishing gear/equipment  should be stored inside your RV or off site. 
  • Please discuss it with us one-on-one to find a workable solution for both sides. Please also contact us to discuss if you will need to store boats that won't fit on your pad.

Use of Extra Heat or A/C Units

Additional fees will apply for additional plug-in electric heating/cooling equipment
  • Additional fees will be applied for supplemental electric heaters used by guests during very cold months, and any additional A/C units used during very hot months. 
  • Please use propane for your heaters and notify us in advance of using an additional electric heater or A/C unit. If we have not been notified and find that you have been using these, you may be subject to removal from the park. 
  • We are able to offer "bills paid" rates if everyone does their part to keep expenses reasonable for the park as a whole. Thank you!! 

Automatic Renewal of Monthly Pad Fees

Unless notice is given, your monthly reservation will automatically renew within 1-3 days of the end of your stay

The following only applies to monthly stays.  Shorter stays are understood to be for the exact dates of reservation only.

  • Unless park management is told differently, we will assume you are renewing your monthly stay and your payment will be automatically processed within 1-3 days prior to the new month starting for your reservation. 
  • It is solely the guest's responsibility to update or change payment methods with the park management as needed, prior to the next reservation charges being incurred.
  • A one-week notice of intention to end your monthly stay without renewal is required in order to give park management adequate notice to fill the vacancy.  If notice is not given, guest will be billed one week's pad fees upon departure.

Smile!  You're on Camera!

Security Cameras are in use on the property to enhance guest and park overall safety.
  • Please be advised that these are for the purpose of enhancing overall security for people and possessions, as well as managing the park grounds. 
  • By staying in the park, you do so with understanding that cameras are being used on the grounds and will be remotely monitored as needed by park management.  (Technology I right or am I right???)
  • Park management is not responsible for theft or damages to persons or property during any park stay.  Always lock up your valuables and exercise caution and common sense while on the property.
  • Please report ANY suspicious activity to park management.  
  • Issues with a neighboring park guest who is acting very un-neighborly?  Call the police first. Then notify park management.  Do NOT attempt to handle it yourself.   Park guests who disturb the peace or behave abusively or violently toward others will not be tolerated by park management.
  • ALWAYS call 911 if there is an immediate safety issue/concern or a crime is being committed.  If you suspect a crime has already been committed, call the Morgan City PD non-emergency line at 985-380-4605.
  • Guests should expect consequences from Park Management for being a poor guest, up to and including written warnings, verbal warnings, incurring a fine, being asked to leave the park without refund, being disallowed future reservations.  Being a poor guest includes but is not limited to such things as Drunk & Disorderly, Rants & Yelling, Verbal Abuse, Violence, Drugs, Vandalism, Wanton Disturbing of the Peace (ex: revving motorcycle at 2am), Repeated Noise Complaints, Repeated Pet Violations/Complaints,  Wild Parties and/or trashing the park, and Flagrant Disregard for Park Rules 

COVID & Flu policy

The safety and security of our guests remains our top priority
  • Regarding the spread of viruses such as the Flu and COVID:  We take great pride and use all possible measures to ensure all areas at the campground are kept as clean as possible.  
  • We recommend our campers practice social distancing from other tenants and wear a mask while interacting with other tenants and while using the laundry house.  
  • Hand washing after use of common areas and prior to eating is recommended.  
  • Flu and COVID vaccinations are recommended, especially for vulnerable population groups.
  • CCRV Park, LLC makes no guarantees about individual tenant choices regarding mask-wearing, vaccinations, and/or social distancing from other tenants on the premises.